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Tag: Caveman Funk

Book trailers for you dear reader

19 June, 2013 (06:30) | Caveman Funk, Memory's Victims | By: Lancer Kind

Dear reader, if you haven’t rushed out to get your copy of Memory’s Victims, this article is for you. Oh, how I work so hard for you. I think through thousands of ideas, write them down, and then throw out 999 of them.  Then I write it, then I revise it maybe three times, and […]

You ever have a Caveman Funk day?

10 February, 2013 (04:04) | Caveman Funk | By: Lancer Kind

Imagine your worst day so we can compare notes with Akiya, the main character in Caveman Funk. You’re a modern person (perhaps even post modern), have a loving family, and maybe even a fridge full of food to go with your beer. Akiya’s a neanderthal boy who’s a foot shorter than his peers and his […]