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(Movie) Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens

Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens movie poster


Hal Dace and I have combined forces to bring you a science fiction film! Since Hal was a teenager, he’s dreamed of doing a science fiction adventure film. We got together and wrote the film script and it’s currently in production in Hal’s indie film studio. MISS WISENHEIMER AND THE ALIENS is about man’s golden age in the universe, where energy is plenty, space travel is easy, and although we’ve traveled the far reaches of the universe no one has ever discovered an alien intelligence.
Zipporah Weisenbaum is living the dream of Humanity–freshly graduated from seminary and already managing her own cult. But when her followers break their suicide pact of plunging their starship into a sun, Zipporah is forcibly bootlegged onto the ship of helpful Galactic Ranger, Harold Babbage.

Babbage, a cosmologist, an old fashion fart, and atheist, lives as a hermit with a planet all to himself. The galaxy he oversees is a quiet one where years pass between visitors. An overly chatty evangelical is the last kind of company he’s interested in but every time he tries to be rid of her circumstances keep them together. Babbage is obsessed by the question, “Where are the aliens?” and puts all his spare time, science, and resources into finding them.

Babbage and Zipporah go on a search mission that takes them to impossible places such as the center of universes, and black dwarf stars, all so Zipporah can prove to Babbage that everything was created by God, and so Babbage can prove to himself, Zipporah, and humanity that there’s other intelligent life in the universe.

We’ve got a Short Film

Dace’s company, Epistrophy Pictures, has produced a short film that we’re using to promote interest in the feature length movie. You may be able to see it at your local science fiction convention or film festival. We’ll be posting news on which ones.

How to help the film

Hal’s an independent filmmaker, so he’s been spending personal savings to produce the film. Let’s help him get funding so he can finish the film in the next year and a half rather than have him continue working on it part time which will take years. How you can help? If we’ve got a Kickstarter campaign running, please pledge. You don’t pay a cent unless we hit the budget goal, so you’ve got nothing to lose. What can you gain? The film gets done in the next year (exact date in Kickstarter details) and you get a BluRay or a number of other cool things based on how much you pledge. So for twenty bucks you help out the film and get a copy of the feature-length film (about two hours long).

Tell your friends

Also tell you friends that they should check out the Kickstarter too. Retreat news about the film, and talk about the film. Tell them you know this guy whose working on a film. Talk about us on your FaceBook. Go “LIKE” our FB page so we can update you what’s happening and the release date. If you’ve got a contact that does movie distribution, put Epistrophy Pictures in touch.

Looking for connections in Virtual Experience Production

Imagine being on the stage along with the characters of Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, follow them on planet Eelia and live beneath a sky with three comets (the three sisters) traveling by.  Imagine being able to examine artifacts from a thousand years in the future. And tag along with Zipporah and Babbage’s SETI mission and travel in an asteroid ship to other star systems, other coperniverses even. Epistrophy Pictures has the content and 3D assets to bring a great story experience to a platform. We’re looking for a virtual experience studio who wants to produce the experience. If you work at or know of a studio, connect us. We’re talking about Oculus Rift, HoloLense, VRideo, Samsung VR, Sony, and….

Want More Info?

Surf over to to read blogs from the Miss Wisenheimer universe: news items and opinion pieces about what’s happening in the coperniverse. There are more articles about the film on this blog: actor interviews, science fiction conventions that are showing the short film, and film festivals that are showing the short film.