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Category: Ruins Terra

On Sat June 6, 5:30, Authors destroy Earth!

2 June, 2009 (08:06) | Ruins Terra, Speculative Realms | By: Lancer Kind

This weekend, Sat June 6th, at 5:30 PM, will be the last reading this summer in Seattle before I take it on the road to China.  (If you haven’t heard, I’m moving there.) If you missed the Wayward Coffeehouse reading where you heard Kij’s story about cute little girls cutting up unicorns, Tim’s story about […]

Authors deface books at Lake Forest Park’s Third Place Books

19 May, 2009 (16:13) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

There must have been something in the coffee at the book event at Lake Forest Park.  I think it made us go a little mad.  In the photo below, things look quiet stable.  That’s me reading a story called “Moss Memoirs.”  Take care to notice the grandee latte sitting on the table to the podium’s […]

Up for a SF buzz this Saturday (May 16th), 8-10PM?

14 May, 2009 (12:54) | Ruins Terra, Speculative Realms | By: Lancer Kind

You know what a browncoat is, right?  They are nothing like those Seattle citified robot-quakers (or aliens posing as Quakers).  Browncoats are noir cowboys that flew a firefly spacecraft in the TV series Firefly.  It turns out that in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood has a browncoat hangout called the Wayward Coffeehouse. Coming to you the […]

Lancer, coming to you in 3-D on May 1st and May 2nd

25 April, 2009 (21:08) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

You’ve been reading these emails from me for a while.  I’ve been coming at you with essays on poli-science fiction, traveling China, and I’ve even thrown some Quakers at you. But that’s only in 2D and my friend, I think you are ready for the next step.  Next week, you can see Lancer in 3-D!  […]

Reading Events coming this May

30 March, 2009 (07:30) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

Good friend and great writer Camille Alexa is coming to Seattle.  There are three Hadley Rille Books anthologies on archeology: Ruins Terra, Ruins Extraterrestrial, Ruins Metropolis; I’m published in the first (see posts tagged Moss Memoirs) and she’s published in the later two.  We are joining forces to do some readings on May 1st at […]