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Tag: Moss Memoirs

Authors deface books at Lake Forest Park’s Third Place Books

19 May, 2009 (16:13) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

There must have been something in the coffee at the book event at Lake Forest Park.  I think it made us go a little mad.  In the photo below, things look quiet stable.  That’s me reading a story called “Moss Memoirs.”  Take care to notice the grandee latte sitting on the table to the podium’s […]

Reading Events coming this May

30 March, 2009 (07:30) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

Good friend and great writer Camille Alexa is coming to Seattle.  There are three Hadley Rille Books anthologies on archeology: Ruins Terra, Ruins Extraterrestrial, Ruins Metropolis; I’m published in the first (see posts tagged Moss Memoirs) and she’s published in the later two.  We are joining forces to do some readings on May 1st at […]

Moss skulking about Bella Botega Tulleys this Saturday

26 March, 2009 (21:47) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

Today, I’m a friend of all animals, even moss.  I wasn’t always that way: That was from when I fought the moss, but then it reached out–I mean really, it reached out–it taught me a lesson. Learn how this could happen at a reading this Saturday at 7PM, March 28th, at 8862 161st Ave NE, […]

I was You before YouTube

16 September, 2008 (22:14) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

Lancer talks about YouTube, sexy girls, water buffalo, and the Rick Roll.

I tried to stay away from Denvention, but they wouldn’t let me

1 September, 2008 (19:36) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

This year’s World Science Fiction World Convention was in Denver, only 1 timezone away from Seattle.  So why would I try to stay away?  What could be more fun to a science fictionist than hanging out with a group of other science fictionists?  Well it costs money for one thing.  So I did the responsible […]