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Tag: Memory’s Victims

Book trailers for you dear reader

19 June, 2013 (06:30) | Caveman Funk, Memory's Victims | By: Lancer Kind

Dear reader, if you haven’t rushed out to get your copy of Memory’s Victims, this article is for you. Oh, how I work so hard for you. I think through thousands of ideas, write them down, and then throw out 999 of them.  Then I write it, then I revise it maybe three times, and […]

Memory’s Victims–how to resolve the Palestinian/Israel conflict?

16 June, 2013 (23:10) | Memory's Victims | By: Lancer Kind

Have you ever had someone tell you “if you don’t like it here, then leave.” When the nation states of Earth get interstellar travel capabilities, that’s exactly what some do. Governments fund voyages by giant spacecraft which spend multiple generations traveling to Earth-like planets. Arcadie, a jewish boy grown up on a generation ship, is […]

Maybe what you need is a hardcover book

5 August, 2009 (23:52) | The Book of Exodi | By: Lancer Kind

Hardcovers are really handy.  I know when I’m sitting alone in the dark and reading (I have really good eyesight) and I hear a noise that sounds like someone’s jimmying the door open, I reach for something on my book shelf. But I reach past the mass market paperbacks, and even the thick and sturdy […]

Stories of people forced from their homeland

29 May, 2009 (08:07) | The Book of Exodi | By: Lancer Kind

Maybe your homeland is a city, maybe it is an island, maybe it is an entire planet.  The Book of Exodi is fresh off the presses and filled with stories of futuristic mass exoduses.  The book was edited and labored over by Michael K Eidson.  Harry Turtledove, the sci-fi master of alternate histories, has written […]