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Tag: Caveman Noir

Inventor of the wheel, murdured!

4 January, 2016 (02:01) | Crimson Fog magazine | By: Lancer Kind

August 10, 10,000BCE the inventor of the wheel was found dead. The local medicine man puts the time of death to within 24 hours but insists this is preliminary until he consults with the spirit of the deceased. The body’s been identified as Zuzu. It was discovered by a fellow tribesman in a terrible state, […]

Prehistoric crime fighting

11 December, 2015 (01:36) | Crimson Fog magazine | By: Lancer Kind

Caveman Noir is true to the noir genre with its cast of the Eldest’s daughter Zarina forced to be a PI or be banished, the inventor of the wheel who was savagely murdered, and Maru, an unlikeable man from the neighboring tribe with whom Zarina must cooperate. To work the case, she visits Maru’s village […]