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Tag: Activist SF

How a made for TV movie saved the world

6 September, 2010 (22:26) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

The real life situation was cliche enough for a movie (I’ll talk about the movie later): An actor who played in cowboy movies was president of the US and was insinuating that the next toughest country was evil. Both sides had the firepower to destroy the world many times over. But then a movie came […]

Get the Department of Homland Security to read Little Brother

1 March, 2010 (21:52) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking for public feedback as part of the Open Gov Initiative. Vote up my suggestion to make Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother required reading to DHS employees. You can read my review from a previous post. My dad is a newly retired member of DHS.  Dad, I’ll work […]

Little Brother (or “Big Brother” for 2003 and Homeland Security)

22 February, 2010 (22:38) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother is a call to those that are keeping quiet and just waiting for things to blow over.  It’s a clarion to those waiting for our freedoms to come back.  And it’s an instruction book  for how to fight back rather than sit at home and complain about warrantless wiretapping. Little Brother […]

Avatar Meets Gaia

21 January, 2010 (18:12) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

I went to Avatar last weekend and let me just cut to the chase: I loved it.  I was practically hoping out of my seat in agony for the main characters, gasping when ex-marine Jake leaped over cliffs, and wishing the bad guys would just this once, stop being so damn bad. The movie touches […]

Soylent Green used as a reference to single payer health care

12 August, 2009 (01:14) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Fox News, our lovely disinformation network, has invoked science fiction to protect you from health care. Fox News talking-head Neil Cavuto references Soylent Green as a vision of what he thinks of the plans to reform health care. He says that people are going to be encouraged to commit suicide when they get old. Maybe, […]