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Lancer’s Fiction Online

Putting fiction online before it is “published” is a touchy topic since putting it online is considered publishing it, and an e-zine or magazine editor may then consider the story damaged goods.  A solution that makes everyone happy is that I can put it online for registered members until the story becomes sold.

Below are descriptions of some stimulating fiction you can read for free.  The links to read the stories are only visible to those logged in.  Registering is free.  (Check your spam folders if you don’t see the registration code in your inbox, otherwise, email that you’re having a problem and he’ll kick the server and make it work.)

Parsec Hiccup is a space western with a dash of musical love triangle.

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New Sofa, New Girl is about a geeky IT guy who discovers a woman living beneath his new sofa.

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Agile Noir

Agile Noir is a business novel that teaches you about Agile software development through the telling of an enjoyable story.  Kartar Patel is a project manager for a software project that, unbeknownst to him, is funded by the mob.  When the mob discovers the project isn’t going to be finished on time, they go after Kartar.  As Kartar’s project uses the WaterFall development life cycle, he discovers that no matter his best efforts, this process dooms him to project failure since it’s impossible to get perfect requirements, and even trying to do so sets unrealistic expectations with the mob connected stakeholders.  Later, with two deadly, beautiful hit women hunting him, he meets an Agile consultant who gives him hope that there’s a game changing process called Scrum/Agile that could save his life.

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If you wish to lean how to use an Agile process to write a book, check out my pages about Using Agile to Write Agile Noir.

At my YouTube Channel, you can also find online videos I’ve made about Scrum Noir (a comic book about Agile software development), Moss Memoirs (science fiction story), and more about Agile straight from an Agile coach.