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Category: Honolulu Hottie

Free Hottie, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

21 September, 2013 (17:18) | Honolulu Hottie | By: Lancer Kind

Yes, it’s almost the end of summer. Soon the days of lounging at the beach and surfing the waves will be gone. You do have a beach right? Never mind. I’ll give you the one I have in Hawaii in the form of Honolulu Hottie, a novelette about a surfer and a beautiful woman, and […]

Art from the future!

23 September, 2012 (23:51) | Honolulu Hottie | By: Lancer Kind

Slodive, a popular graphic and web design site did a feature on Fauji M. Bardah (aka BakArt), a very talented artist whose work I admire.  I love his work with robots, how he integrates action into his scenes, and his future visions.  I think the following three pieces really showcase those points.  The last piece […]

Read your SciFi like it’s the Future and get smarter faster

17 October, 2010 (22:10) | Honolulu Hottie | By: Lancer Kind

Books have been around for a while now. Love them but it takes a lot of resources to make a book: trees, a plup mill, a printing press, a way to ship them to your door or nearby store.

In SciFi stories, people aren’t reading using parts of dead trees. They’re using some cool holo-something or thin e-paper thingy. Now days, we can read books with devices similar to scifi characters, and the devices are improving every generation. Two I’d like to talk about are the Kindle and Calibre.

Honolulu Hottie: a Hawaiian Cyberpunk story

27 September, 2010 (16:25) | Honolulu Hottie | By: Lancer Kind

In 1989 I read my first cyberpunk novel, William Gibson’s Mona Lisa Overdrive. That novel got me reading science fiction again. Until then, I’d been on a Fantasy bender for the six years, and yes, you can get drunk on fantasy. My apologies to my brother and sister, for making them dress like hobbits and […]