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LIVE TV interview for Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens

4 February, 2016 (05:18) | Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Zipporah's Cult

Zipporah’s Cult

Yes, a TV interview! If you’re like me, you’re wondering “on who” I got “pictures” in order to blackmail my way onto a TV set.

It’s true! No not that–I mean that it’s unusual for an author to get on a TV show. In fact it’s unnatural. Producers worry that I’ll show up with a book and read to the camera.

Now, if you end up co-authoring a film script, say a science fiction movie set a THOUSAND years in the future, and you’ve got some video to show for it, well, now you’ve got something that touches the heart of any energetic producer who’s got a twenty minute and thirty-eight second spot to fill.

Usually I’m involved with authorly things like writing, editing, more writing, more editing, and then finally, selling the manuscript, publishing it, and telling people about it. There’s a LOT of work that goes into telling people about what you’ve done. Although there are a LOT of people on this planet who enjoy science fiction, they aren’t impatiently hanging out in my living room, watching TV and eating my chips, and checking over my shoulder to see if I’ve yet finished something for them to read. (Why, the chip budget alone could bankrupt me!) They’re busy developing products, studying, and plotting world take over (at least that’s what I do in my spare time). Because Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens is a film, it’s a different animal: film festivals, scifi convention film rooms, distributors, YouTube, Kickstarter, and TV stations. Director Dace cut a short film version of the movie so now we’ve got something to tell those people who aren’t hanging around in my living room. (Don’t take it personal Bob.  It’s OK, really–You cleanup after yourself and don’t eat that many chips.)  TV stations that yawned at the topic of books are completely “in” when it comes to the video medium. So I’m totally tickled to do my first science fiction related TV interview. You’ll see screenings of Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens at your local science fiction convention.

Here is the interview.