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Prehistoric crime fighting

11 December, 2015 (01:36) | Crimson Fog magazine | By: Lancer Kind

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.02.05 AMCaveman Noir is true to the noir genre with its cast of the Eldest’s daughter Zarina forced to be a PI or be banished, the inventor of the wheel who was savagely murdered, and Maru, an unlikeable man from the neighboring tribe with whom Zarina must cooperate. To work the case, she visits Maru’s village to undertake the job of finding the killer. But her job is complicated in that the entire tribe never wanted the secret of the wheel to get out. Many have motive in stopping the inventor in order to prevent disruption of the trade agreement between Maru’s tribe and Zarina’s. As Zarina investigates leads, she discovers how her own shaded past is knotted with the killer.

Crimson Fog, by TM Publishing, is an online and print magazine. The online version beautifully renders in your web browser using the Issuu system, which Crimson Fog took good advantage of by using lovely full color imagery to go along various points of each story. This technology brings 24bit color to the reader at a level of quality and quantity beyond what most print magazines can afford to do.

This debut issue contains two other stories, a repeating history of murder in “Chasing August” and medical intrigue in “Death of a Medicine Man.” The issue is filled entirely with international submissions from the countries of India, England, and China.

Read Caveman Noir available online at Crimson Fog magazine.