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Like having “The Office” in a comic book: SCRUM NOIR

5 December, 2015 (07:01) | Scrum Noir | By: Lancer Kind

Bad Boys of Scrum eps 1Everybody loves The Office TV series. Did you ever wonder how an episodic series is born?

At my day job I was telling my manager about my latest consulting adventure after which he asked me to “write it up, and let the narrative tell the story.” Maybe he was bored and was trying to get rid of me, but I took him at his word. Though being an innovative guy, I went to the extreme by writing a dramatic short story called “A Silo To Hell!” Despite the smart title few people in my busy office took the time to read it. Unwilling to declare failure, I pushed it to the next level by converting the short story into SCRUM NOIR: A Silo to Hell! and broke it into three episodes. To produce the images, I pressed some minions (such as co-author, Dhaval Panchal) into service as comic book actors, and viola! The comic format did the trick! Anyone no matter how busy or despondent will take the time to page through something with pictures and an engaging story.

So I gave my co-workers episode one and chilled until they demanded the next, and then the next. And the series SCRUM NOIR was born! Today there are three story lines: A Silo To Hell, Mad Dog Mary, and Bad Boys of Scrum.  Each story is made up of three episodes where Agile consultant Ace is challenged to unknot real world problems with a real world solutions. The comics are available on an episode basis or if you hate cliff-hangers, buy an entire story bundled in a Mega Digest. SCRUM NOIR is available in both print and Kindle on Amazon. To help get you started, first episodes are heavily discounted to $1.99 or even free if you’re in the Amazon Prime club.

Learning Agile software development, project management, and people management doesn’t have to be boring any more than watching a TV show about office life. Pickup a SCRUM NOIR and learn the fun way!