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Good ol’ pulp fiction

16 November, 2013 (12:00) | Argosy Magazine | By: Lancer Kind

Argosy Magazine

Argosy Magazine is coming back to the world as an ebook.  Argosy Magazine is one of the, if not THE original pulp magazine. It came out in the UK when publishing on pulp paper was cutting edge.  Argosy’s Fantastic Frontiers volume will feature a science fiction story I wrote called Parsec Hiccup, a western style tale about a meteoroid mining  camp that’s the site of a love triangle that turns into a musical battle for the fittest.


Before November ends, visit Argosy’s crowd funding site at Indiegogo and earn yourself something cool you can show the gang at work on your ebook reader. For as little as contributing a British pound, you earn perks such as recognition, to a life subscription.  (If you use dollars, don’t worry, Indiegogo or PayPal will sort that all out.)

Even if you don’t contribute, later Volume 1 will be available for digital download and you can read read a story I wrote called Parsec Hiccup, which attempts to settle once and for all which musical genre is better: Rock or Jazz.

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