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A Halloween that Raises the Bar on Pirates V Ninjas

26 October, 2013 (13:09) | Bit Storm | By: Lancer Kind

Bit StormPirates versus Ninjas is cute, kitsch, and if your girl/guy is dressed as a pirate, that’s an added bonus. Chances are the costume is an off-the-shelf product of plastic, cheap textile, and glue which is why I’m here to tell you the future of Halloween costumer is in nanotechnology! Imagine going to a store, searching through bottles of Fairy, Naughty Nurse, and Furry Squirrel, and then selecting a bottle of Pirate. (Yeah, I know, you’ll spend a lot of time considering Doctor or Intern so your girl will wear Naughty Nurse.  You’re only human.)

Then you go to the costume shop’s mirror, open the bottle, and tip it over your head releasing trillions of bits of particles that glide en masse around you, forming a costume about your body, pressing itself into and against your clothes (if you’re wearing any), changing color, and binding to other bits until in moments, you’re wearing a pirate costume customized to fit your form factor!

Now imagine what it would be like if something went wrong and it happened at a Halloween party, and someone wanted it to go wrong to prove a point. This is what happens in Bit Storm, a novelette that won Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. So get yourself a scifi Halloween read for 99 cents at Amazon, and learn what happens when high tech good guys meet a high tech psychopath.