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Free Hottie, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

21 September, 2013 (17:18) | Honolulu Hottie | By: Lancer Kind

Honolulu HottieYes, it’s almost the end of summer. Soon the days of lounging at the beach and surfing the waves will be gone. You do have a beach right? Never mind. I’ll give you the one I have in Hawaii in the form of Honolulu Hottie, a novelette about a surfer and a beautiful woman, and how she gets him it trouble but it’s OK because not only is she beautiful but she’s right and he’s wrong. It takes a while for the surfer to see things her way. But when he does, he’s totally cool with that. See? Everybody’s happy!

So mark your calendars!  You can get Honolulu Hottie for free on Amazon on September 27 (Friday) until September 30 (Monday).  Get it on your Kindle and read it at the beach, in your car, at your desk, whatever. It’ll take you to a future where Hawaii deals with rising sea levels and sly mega corporations.

If you’re still not convinced, here is a book trailer to nurture your appetite.