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Book trailers for you dear reader

19 June, 2013 (06:30) | Caveman Funk, Memory's Victims | By: Lancer Kind

Dear reader, if you haven’t rushed out to get your copy of Memory’s Victims, this article is for you.

Oh, how I work so hard for you. I think through thousands of ideas, write them down, and then throw out 999 of them.  Then I write it, then I revise it maybe three times, and then find someone both awesome and authoritative to give me feedback whereupon I revise it another two to three times.  Is it good enough yet? Did you buy the novelette that I slaved over for days? You haven’t? Sigh, OK. You haven’t clicked buy on Amazon? Still unsure? Alright, I’ll come up with something else…

…a book trailer. You know, those short films they play before the movie you’re going to see. The short film gives you a sample of the story so you get excited about the movie you’re not there to see… yet.

People like videos. And you don’t even have to “read.” I can make a “short” that tells you about the story in an entertaining way so you’ll buy the story. Just like the big movies. OK, dear reader. I’ll do that. Just for you. Here is my YouTube science fiction book channel!

I know how you like that I work hard for you. It’s what drives our relationship—producer to consumer. Author to reader. If you want to tell me what else you’d like, add a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


Hugs and kisses,