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Memory’s Victims–how to resolve the Palestinian/Israel conflict?

16 June, 2013 (23:10) | Memory's Victims | By: Lancer Kind

Memory's Victims

Have you ever had someone tell you “if you don’t like it here, then leave.” When the nation states of Earth get interstellar travel capabilities, that’s exactly what some do. Governments fund voyages by giant spacecraft which spend multiple generations traveling to Earth-like planets. Arcadie, a jewish boy grown up on a generation ship, is excited that his generation finish the half a millennia voyage, that they will create a home free from and out of reach of the problems they had on Earth. But fate rarely deals the hand you want.

“If Lancer Kind’s MEMORY’S VICTIMS doesn’t raise your hackles, you’d better have them checked.” ―Harry Turtledove

Memory’s Victims is available as a Kindle book. Here’s a cool video about the book: Memorys-Victims.m4v or you may view it on YouTube. If you wish to get a copy of the book, click here and you’ll go to Amazon.

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