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Jan 14th, a Bit Storm will hit the Internet

10 January, 2011 (15:52) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Daily Science Fiction started less than a year ago and has developed into a powerhouse of science fiction by pleasing it’s readership with new stories everyday, and they did it without disturbing trees. (A pleasing side effect of our speeding toward the singularity is that our forests will grow back because we won’t have time to chop them down.) Instead of trees, they use hand-crafted electrons which they place into an email or stick onto the Daily Science Fiction website. (The Internet technologies they use are also science fiction.)

Friend them on FaceBook, I know the trees have.

Bit Storm, a story about an AI that wanted a cat and an engineer that wanted to get work done, has already been bit storming in the email boxes of Daily Science Fiction’s subscribers. (Go to their site and subscribe for free.) On Jan 14th, it’ll also be available on their Internet site.  (Hand-crafted electrons and glue stick. A very small glue stick.)

If you’ve read Bit Storm, leave a comment about it on their wall.