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Internet love for only a buck, this month only

24 January, 2010 (00:36) | Speculative Realms | By: Lancer Kind

Speculative Realms eBook

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Yes, love is a wonderful thing.  Speculative Realms has now been released as an eBook which can be shipped anywhere, instantly!  (Or as fast as you can enter in your payment information.)  Within it, you can read about how a boy from Wyoming finds love with a woman named KanjiKiss. It’s quite scandalous really.  His family wants him to stay home and help his Dad, but they had a fight at his high school graduation party so he takes a long, long drive–a drive that ends in Seattle. He’s always loved escaping country life via the Internet. But the Internet in Seattle is incredibly more advanced. And there, he meets KanjiKiss in an online bar.

This turns into a big family fight about love and commitment.  He’s in love. His family tries to stop him from committing to this woman. Read the whole story of “KanjiKiss” in Speculative Realms, an eBook filled with thirteen other great stories. And get this: buy it before February and you can have the ebook edition for only $1 using Coupon Code: ST94L at the checkout. (It comes in pretty much every eBook format known to man, including the Kindle and IPhone).

It seems fitting to receive a story about Internet love in a format that is delivered instantly via the Internet.  But if you are still a caveman who likes books, you can click on one of the book covers you see on the right side of this web page and buy yourself something that has a good “thud” factor. After all, you can’t kill a deer with an eBook.

Here are the other stories and their authors in Speculative Realms:

  • KARMA by Sasha BeattieA mother’s determination escalates to obsession as she searches for her daughter beyond the grave.
  • The Widower’s Tale by Davin IrelandA reclusive hitman discovers vengeance can’t always be left for dead.
  • Where Strength Lies by Karen Lee FieldWhen warrior mages try to abduct her son, a woman must trust her past to ensure her son’s future.
  • Shouting at the Stone by TW WilliamsIn a world where the most powerful magic is the loudest, a mage who has lost his voice must find a way to save the woman he loves.
  • Second Chance by David MeadowsA failed writer discovers that somebody is stealing his manuscripts — before he even writes them!
  • To Hell and Back by Rob RosenA boy’s love for his father is endless, timeless, and deeper than the very pits of hell itself.
  • The Guardian by Lyall HendersonAboard the most powerful warship in the galaxy, a soldier must sacrifice what he loves most to save his people.
  • Children of Ba-Seku by Christopher DonahueA desperate prince will use one of Egypt’s darkest secrets to try and turn back bronze-wielding invaders.