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Find Internet love for $5.88, for a limited time only

10 September, 2009 (11:33) | Speculative Realms | By: Lancer Kind

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It’s not often I get to post on my blog about something so lurid. So bear with me, I’m quite excited! “KanjiKiss” is a short story about a young Wyoming man who is lured away from a quiet life in the countryside by sexy Internet technology. He leaves his home for Seattle and falls in love with a girl. The girl lives in Asia, and he’s never kissed her, touched her, or even been in the same room.  His family isn’t happy about the situation, and he want’s to be with her forever.

KanjiKiss is part of the Speculative Realms anthology and is filled with other great stories such as: “The Guardian” by Lyall Henderson, where a soldier aboard the most powerful warship in the galaxy must sacrifice what he loves most to save his people; or “Children of Ba-Seku” by Christopher Donahue, about a desperate prince using Egypt’s darkest secret to try and turn back technologically superior invaders.

Speculative Realms is now available on Amazon for $5.88, for a limited time only.

Well, I actually don’t know if the offer is limited.  But now that I’ve said it, you feel you’ll miss out if you don’t hurry, right? :-)

OK, clicky, clicky.  😉