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Maybe what you need is a hardcover book

5 August, 2009 (23:52) | The Book of Exodi | By: Lancer Kind

Hardcovers are really handy.  I know when I’m sitting alone in the dark and reading (I have really good eyesight) and I hear a noise that sounds like someone’s jimmying the door open, I reach for something on my book shelf.

But I reach past the mass market paperbacks, and even the thick and sturdy trade paperbacks.  I go right for the hardback book, you know.  I want something that can really knock someone’s block off or stop a bullet in a pinch.

So good news!  If you’ve been hankering for The Book of the Exodi but have been thinking–naw, trade paperbacks don’t make me feel secure–The Book of the Exodi is now out in hardcover, available from

I like to keep a copy in my car when I travel.  Right between the driver’s seat and the door, where I can get easy access to it if I get into trouble.