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Stories of people forced from their homeland

29 May, 2009 (08:07) | The Book of Exodi | By: Lancer Kind

Maybe your homeland is a city, maybe it is an island, maybe it is an entire planet.  The Book of Exodi is fresh off the presses and filled with stories of futuristic mass exoduses.  The book was edited and labored over by Michael K Eidson.  Harry Turtledove, the sci-fi master of alternate histories, has written the introduction.

The Book of Exodi contains a story written by me called “Memory’s Victims,” which is about the future of the Israeli Palestinian conflict where both sides become involved in a space race to leave Earth and reach the nearest habitable planet to establish their own world-wide state.  It follows a Jew named Arcadie who who lives aboard the generation ship (an interstellar ark), Children of Zion.  Arcadie witnesses the end of their thousand year voyage when they reach their destination and discover it has already been settled by people from Earth who have developed faster-than-light travel during the Children of Zion‘s voyage.  Arcadie’s people settle the planet because their ship has reached its engineered lifetime, and they try to build their lives as immigrants rather than as settlers.

They are treated like foreigners and feel like foreigners too because attitudes on Earth had changed in their absence.  The “super luminal” Jews and Palestinians no longer remember their grievances while those on the generation ships carried that history with them and nurtured it.  Arcadie and his people reject the “super luminal” Jews and feel they have a better understanding of the Palestinian immigrants who raced them to reach this planet due to their shared culture of animosity toward one another.  Problems between the Jewish and Palestinian immigrant populations start again.  Arcadie tries to distance himself by following a career in the Space Force, but a hatred between two people strong enough to survive a thousand years and travel within them to a new solar system, reaches Arcadie even when he is seeking solace in the emptiness of interstellar space.

The book is available on Create Space and Amazon.