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Authors deface books at Lake Forest Park’s Third Place Books

19 May, 2009 (16:13) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

There must have been something in the coffee at the book event at Lake Forest Park.  I think it made us go a little mad.  In the photo below, things look quiet stable.  That’s me reading a story called “Moss Memoirs.”  Take care to notice the grandee latte sitting on the table to the podium’s right.

I’m hazy as to what happened next.  Somehow all the archeological science fiction books (Ruins Terra, Ruins Metropolis, and Ruins Extraterrestrial) were stacked like towers of babel, and pens were involved.  Authors Camile Alexa and Elizabeth Kate Switaj were there too (they weren’t innocent either).  Then I remember coming to consciousness, lying face-down across a pile of books, a copy of Ruins Terra poking me in the cheek.

We shook ourselves out of the daze and examined the books.  All of them!  All of the books in the Ruins * series were maligned by the signatures of Camile, Elizabeth, and I.  An utter disaster!  Vladimer, a good friend of mine who works at Third Place Books, was sobbing, “what am I to do with all these autographed books!”

The three of us slinked out the back door.  I blame it on the bookstore.  I mean they gave a group of writers pens and coffee.  So we wrote.  What were they thinking!

So if you’ve been putting off buying a book.  You can get them postage free (though defaced with author autographs) at Third Place Books.  Help Vladimir out.  He’s trying to concoct a solution that will erase the ink.