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Up for a SF buzz this Saturday (May 16th), 8-10PM?

14 May, 2009 (12:54) | Ruins Terra, Speculative Realms | By: Lancer Kind

You know what a browncoat is, right?  They are nothing like those Seattle citified robot-quakers (or aliens posing as Quakers).  Browncoats are noir cowboys that flew a firefly spacecraft in the TV series Firefly.  It turns out that in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood has a browncoat hangout called the Wayward Coffeehouse.

Coming to you the third Saturday of each month, are science fiction and fantasy readings from 8-10PM.  For this month, on May 16th, 8-10 PM, I and Kij Johnson, and Tim McDaniel will be there to entertain and amaze you with some pretty out-there science fiction and fantasy stories.

Oh yeah, I DARE anyone to show up as a steampunk Quaker.  That would be too cool to not photograph and blog about.