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Lancer, coming to you in 3-D on May 1st and May 2nd

25 April, 2009 (21:08) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

You’ve been reading these emails from me for a while.  I’ve been coming at you with essays on poli-science fiction, traveling China, and I’ve even thrown some Quakers at you. But that’s only in 2D and my friend, I think you are ready for the next step.  Next week, you can see Lancer in 3-D!  What’s more, you can meet Camille Alexa (of Portland) and Elizabeth Kate Switaj (of Seattle), two very talented writers who also appear in the series of archaeological books: Ruins Terra, Ruins Metropolis, and Ruins Extraterrestrial.

Together, we are going to read, entertain, and, get this: We’re going to give away FREE books and scifi/fantasy stuff at each event:

Lake Forest Park’s Third Place Books (6:30 May 1st):

Redmond’s Flying Saucer Pizza (noon on May 2nd):