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The Quakers have Rocket Packs

30 March, 2009 (20:22) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Another billboard caught my eye.  The Quakers are at it again and this time they’ve got jet packs.  Aliens, robots, or puritans, whatever those Quakers really are, they’re coming out with products to make us go.  Where do they want us to go?

Do they want us to commute to work?  Rocket fuel costs a fortune (though faster than a Mercedes I hear).  That sounds too much like simple Capitalism for these robots/alians dressed as Quakers.  I think it’s something more devious.  The human looks a little too relaxed for someone with a few hundred pounds of thrust attached to his back.  Look at his haircut–not a hair out of place.  And how high does he want to fly?  I don’t care how much hairspray he used, he’s going to run out of oxygen without a jet pack helmet.

Now that’s a plot worthy of a robot/alien Quaker–killing off the human race with product defects.