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Moss skulking about Bella Botega Tulleys this Saturday

26 March, 2009 (21:47) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

Today, I’m a friend of all animals, even moss.  I wasn’t always that way:

LancerKind on YouTube

LancerKind on YouTube

That was from when I fought the moss, but then it reached out–I mean really, it reached out–it taught me a lesson.

Learn how this could happen at a reading this Saturday at 7PM, March 28th, at 8862 161st Ave NE, Redmond. The reading is part of Redmond Association of SPokenword (RASP).

Show up and through the magic of the English language, I’ll work you in as the main character of “Moss Memoirs,” a story published in the Ruins Terra anthology. Another option is to pick up the book so you can enjoy the story without my annoying, buzzy voice, and also read other great authors selected by the editor, Eric T. Reynolds, in his archeological themed anthology about Ruins on Earth, authors such as Ann Walters and her “Rising Tide”, Ivan Sun and his “After the Stonehenge Bombing”, and Jaqueline Seewald and her “The Boy Who Found Atlantis.”

And those are just the start…