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No one was hurt at the Tullys reading

1 March, 2009 (00:13) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Lancer in his office doing a pre-reading workout.

I’d like to report that the same number of people who entered the RASP event at the Bella Bottega Tullys had indeed left under their own power.  There was no external trama, however I cannot speak to whether there was internal damage.  But hey, at that point, the burden of proof is on them.

Anu Garg, founder of was the featured artist.  He gave a great talk about words and their private lives.  I picked up a copy of The Dord, the Dilgot, and an Avocado or two.  I got it signed and then left it un-attended for only a minute and my mother was engrossed in reading it.

I took it away from her so she would be attentive to me reading The Dukes’ New Hazard.  (Sorry mom, but you know I was never bucking for the “good son” award.)  She got over it when exposed to the really “weird” I was reading.  Hopefully this girl meets boy story, (where Daisy Duke is the girl, and a merman is the boy) set in a dystopic Hazard county (you didn’t know Hazard bordered the Pacific, did you), didn’t warp too any minds. But hey, who else would be crazy enough other than the Duke boys to go after someone kidnapped by Mermen while there was a war brewing.  (The Merman were upset with us over fishing the oceans.)

Yes, no one seemed to be injured, which is a good thing.  I’d hate to be the one responsible for a new insurance industry around policies for insuring fiction against liability.