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My neighbor’s friend needs help with cancer treatment

8 February, 2009 (02:11) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Every now and then life throws something at you and you have to stop what you’re doing and re-assess your priorities in life in order to figure out how to “do the right thing.”  I was backing my car out of my garage when my neighbor, Luda, waved me down looking very upset.  She told me a college friend of her’s who is a doctor has prostrate cancer, and she was beside herself in trying to figure out how to help him.  He flew from the Ukraine to Seattle to see his daughter and prepare to die because he couldn’t afford the procedure he could only have performed in the U.S.  His daughter found a non-profit hospital in Florida to help him but it would still cost $33,000.  A doctor in the Ukraine earns a monthly salary of $300.

When Luda had spoken to me, she and Dr. Shevchenko’s daughter had only raised $5,000 through phoning/emailing friends and family.  Dr. Shevchenko’s visa will soon run out and he’s preparing to go back to the Ukraine to do his job until the cancer killed him.  So she asked my wife and I for help.  We could only donate some money but that was only a step.  Shelli and I talked and we realized that we needed to do some publicity work to raise enough money.

We put together and mailed out press releases to Seattle area media outlets.  So far the press release haven’t generated any interest which is too bad.  If we could get someone to interview Luda for newspaper or radio, her story of how she knew Dr. Shevchenko would compel the audience to help and enough money would be raised.

If you know some way to get this story out, contact me (425 466 9766).  This humanitarian who has helped save the lives of many of his patients now needs help.

Dr. Anatoliy Shevchenko

Dr. Anatoliy Shevchenko

If you can help by donating even a little, visit