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This Saturdary (Jan 31st) Bigfoot will be sighted at the Tullys near Bellabotaga

27 January, 2009 (00:02) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Don’t be scared, there really isn’t a bigfoot staring at you from the monitor, it’s just a picture.

You can learn more about the troubles this podiatricly complicated fellow has to go through this Saturday at 7PM, Jan 31st.  I will do a reading at Tullys in the Bella Bottega shopping center at 8862 161st Ave NE, Redmond.  The reading is part of Redmond Association of SPokenword (RASP). Richard Gold is the featured artist.

What does my reading have to do with bigfoot?  I’ll be reading a story of mine, “Get the Girl?”  It’s about a young married couple, Dustin and Amber, whose car breaks down in the middle of a forest.  Amber and Dustin haven’t been getting along in a while and she picks on him until he decides to take a hike.  As he walks, he re-evaluates his life and has a run-in with a bigfoot.

I’m also bringing a small stock of my books to sell which will save you on shipping.