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China, a tour done SciFi-geek style

3 December, 2008 (22:40) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Naturally, China has done a lot of great things.  They have the great wall.

They’ve recently hosted the Olympics.

They allow one to get a latte in a place once known as the “Forbidden City”.

In Hangzou, I saw an amazing outdoor show with people dancing on a lake.  It was amazing seeing a cast of at least 200 performing on/in water.

Things are really moving along nicely in this authoritarian country.  In fact, China is the home of the world’s coolest train.  An honest to goodness levitating train!

Notice what the sign says above my head.

Notice what the sign says above my head.

For $15 you can ride it from a Shanghai suburb to the airport and reach 430 kilometers/hour (266 mph).  It was fast, smooth, and awesome!

Notice the speed indicator above the doorway

In Hong Kong, the ENTIRE city across two islands is rigged to do a laser/light/music show every 6PM, more impressive than the celebration at the end of Return of the Jedi.  Once again, real life trumps fiction.  Amazing!

Where else other than China would you get to see such creative translations?

A sign at the top of a 14 story building.

A sign at the top of a 14 story building.

But doesn’t everyone know that trying to throw the Thing is 不好? (not ok)