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I was You before YouTube

16 September, 2008 (22:14) | Ruins Terra | By: Lancer Kind

I’m not trying to be arrogant or take credit for anything YouTube has done.  Not only did I not think of it, I wasn’t even an early adopter of watching YouTube.  Once I started, I was excited because I’m certain if this thing was around when I was ten, I would be hosting my own talk show by now.

Being a SF fan and kid writer (I started a newspaper in my school and got my mom to do all the typing… she’s pretty cool eh?) I was a gadget guy, and I talked my dad into buying a video camera (VHS) with a flying erase head (that means I could pause while recording, and then restart the recording without noticeable jerks and jolts).  I used that camera for shooting things like time lapsed storm clouds, my brother and I acting out videos, computer generated effects (yay Amiga!) and various other projects that you see on a regular basis on YouTube.

Amiga 500

Amiga 500

But without YouTube, my celebrity didn’t reach beyond my immediate family or high school.  If I had YouTube, I could have expanded my reach to boring many more people in America!  I could have been a child star!  I could of…

Anyway, having YouTube now is better late than never.  Now I have a my own YouTube channel, I have meetings with myself pretending I’m part of a board of pretentious asshole studio heads (just like on Max Headroom) and make decisions about what YOU should be watching.

Yeah, like anyone really knows what people want to watch.

Who would have thought that the Numa Numa guy would be an Internet sensation! 

He has a million views which is about 999,999 more people watching his stuff than mine.  He even has spawned derivative videos like Puss in boots, or Vader.  Of course, just like on TV, Numa Numa with a sexy girl gets way more hits.  Even if this one is nearly a Rick Roll.  (Follow this if you don’t know what a Rick Roll is.)

So now I have global reach with my channel.  I’ve had nearly 200 visitors view Debunking the Moss Myth which is a teaser about a short story called “Moss Memoirs” that is part of the Ruins Terra anthology.

Moss that is in a hanging mood

Not only are most of the people not part of my family, they are from Australia, Japan, China, and Canada.  So I’m excited about YouTube.  It’s like anyone out there can have an idea and just get it out there, and not have to bother visiting a boardroom of pretentious studio execs who pretend to know what America wants to watch, which I think is pretty cool! (I’m still angry they canceled Moon Lighting, Star Trek, and Fire Fly.)

Why should NBC have all the fun in figuring out how we should waste our time.  We all want that opportunity.

Though it’s really interesting that just like NBC, so it goes with YouTube: the sexy girl always gets the hits,  Though all is not lost.  Because a sexy girl can be trumped by a water buffalo (warning: you need to watch the whole thing all the way through because the ending is unexpected), or a college student being smacked down by the cops (warning: you may learn that despite what your mother told you, life isn’t fair and neither is our government).

Not that I have anything against sexy girls; I like to look at them as much as the next guy.  But it’s nice to know that people are complicated enough to want to know what happens to a little water buffalo.

Click photo to see sexy girl showering.

Video of Lala in the shower

Video of Lala in the shower