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Wisenheimer Film Tour at Sausomecon

27 June, 2017 (16:05) | Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens | By: Lancer Kind

Out for a walk inside an asteroid ship.

Out for a walk inside an asteroid ship.

Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens short film is screening at an ultra coolio anime con in Kansas City, Missouri: Sausomecon.

Come watch the show!  And who knows?  Since Director Hal Dace is in nearby Manhattan, Kansas, he maybe he’ll take a break from his current film project to make an appearance.

Twitter: @Sausomecon

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Wisenheimer short film playing at a Con near YOU

10 February, 2016 (01:00) | Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens | By: Lancer Kind

 Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens has a short film, a jazzy apertiv to the feature length movie. We’re making it easy for you to catch the short film in a screening room near you. Epistrophy Pictures is shipping BluRay to scifi conventions (Con) nationwide. Director Dace and I are attending the Cons wherever we can. While at a Con go to the screenings and show your support because filmmaking is hard work. We would love the encouragement. Go LIKE our FB page if you haven’t.

Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, showing at the following conventions (we’ll keep the list updated and announce changes on

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LIVE TV interview for Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens

4 February, 2016 (05:18) | Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Zipporah's Cult

Zipporah’s Cult

Yes, a TV interview! If you’re like me, you’re wondering “on who” I got “pictures” in order to blackmail my way onto a TV set.

It’s true! No not that–I mean that it’s unusual for an author to get on a TV show. In fact it’s unnatural. Producers worry that I’ll show up with a book and read to the camera.

Now, if you end up co-authoring a film script, say a science fiction movie set a THOUSAND years in the future, and you’ve got some video to show for it, well, now you’ve got something that touches the heart of any energetic producer who’s got a twenty minute and thirty-eight second spot to fill.

Usually I’m involved with authorly things like writing, editing, more writing, more editing, and then finally, selling the manuscript, publishing it, and telling people about it. There’s a LOT of work that goes into telling people about what you’ve done. Although there are a LOT of people on this planet who enjoy science fiction, they aren’t impatiently hanging out in my living room, watching TV and eating my chips, and checking over my shoulder to see if I’ve yet finished something for them to read. (Why, the chip budget alone could bankrupt me!) They’re busy developing products, studying, and plotting world take over (at least that’s what I do in my spare time). Because Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens is a film, it’s a different animal: film festivals, scifi convention film rooms, distributors, YouTube, Kickstarter, and TV stations. Director Dace cut a short film version of the movie so now we’ve got something to tell those people who aren’t hanging around in my living room. (Don’t take it personal Bob.  It’s OK, really–You cleanup after yourself and don’t eat that many chips.)  TV stations that yawned at the topic of books are completely “in” when it comes to the video medium. So I’m totally tickled to do my first science fiction related TV interview. You’ll see screenings of Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens at your local science fiction convention.

Here is the interview. 

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Inventor of the wheel, murdured!

4 January, 2016 (02:01) | Crimson Fog magazine | By: Lancer Kind

Crimson Fog coverAugust 10, 10,000BCE the inventor of the wheel was found dead. The local medicine man puts the time of death to within 24 hours but insists this is preliminary until he consults with the spirit of the deceased. The body’s been identified as Zuzu. It was discovered by a fellow tribesman in a terrible state, Zuzu’s stomach split open, insides hanging out as if a gutted deer. The murder weapon, a spear, lying nearby.

Everyone feels disturbed.  Although the medicine man gives assurance that he can deflect any ill givings, some worry Zuzu’s tortured spirit will roam the village and cause food to spoil and mothers to miscarry. The entire tribe has motive for the murder. Everyone demanded Zuzu stop making tools that disrupt trade with their neighbors.

Lu Beau, the tribe’s strongest man, goes on record to say, “Zuzu wouldn’t listen to reason. Our people are bigger than others. We carry the kills of their hunters further and faster, and that puts deer above our cook fires. This ‘wheel’ would toss our superiority. That guy would gut our easy life.”

Zuzu is survived by worldly possessions such as a hut, a wife, and daughter, all of which will be shared within the tribe per custom. But many fear attracting bad spirits if any possessions, especially by chance the wife or daughter, are given to Zuzu’s killer. To lop the head from their problem, the eldest has enlisted aid of a nearby tribe and trading partner, to decide who killed Zuzu.

Even this wise plan has caused concerned! Many have misgivings at inviting an outsider into this. Maru, the eldest’s son, has said on record, “This Zarina is a willful and stubborn woman who hasn’t the common sense to just pick the lowliest member of the tribe whom everyone would be glad to wear the goat’s cape and be rid of.” Maru went on to say, “She insists on asking lots of questions and is not a likable woman. It’s too bad we can’t implicate HER so this entire matter is quickly settled.”

More on this developing story is available in Caveman Noir, in the October issue of Crimson Fog.

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Star Trek rebooted, now it’s Star Wars

15 December, 2015 (09:15) | Uncategorized | By: Lancer Kind

Star Trek and Star Wars rebootAs a fan and author of science fiction, I take my genre seriously as a wine snob would choosing which red to drink with dinner. Knowing what science fiction is and isn’t helps guide my hand in the craft. While in China, I met up with film producer/director Hal Dace. He took a break from working on his film, Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens,to have a chat about JJ Abrams and Star Wars.

Back in 2010, Hal and I talked science fiction over beers and Hal produced a 55 point manifesto why JJ Abrams was the wrong guy to direct Star Trek 11 and 12. Although I enjoyed the movie immensely, I agreed with Hal on nearly all of his points. Hal want’s to see a Trek film, not a pastiche. We met again before Star Trek 12 opened and put together a Star Trek Purity test. Our pre-show opening Trek 12 predictions were:

Lancer, grungy, sunglasses, casual Into Darkness will fail the first three checklist items and then come on strong for the next four, and finally Uhurah sings and Spock’ll do something Vulcan, putting the film at six out of eleven. This will allow the movie to be a great commercial success yet maintain most of the Trekkie fan base, thereby bringing fresh viewers into the Trek fold.

Christopher_Pike,_2258It’ll be Star Wars: nonstop action, no strategy, no thoughtful moments. I say the next film fails all of the tests. A complete ZERO.


We invited the internet community to take our pre-opening online poll and the results were: 40% thought that it’d get “-5″/11 (hopeless cynics!), 30% predicted 0 out of 11 (rational cynics), and single votes for: 11/11 (snort), 10/11, and 6/11 (that was Lancer).

What the movie actually got was…. drum roll:

Star Trek Purity Checklist

Three out of ten (the Romulan’s weren’t part of the movie so we struck that question from the test.) The movie did a little worse than Lancer thought but better than Hal thought.

Admiral Christopher goldRegarding point one, Star Trek is about peace.  Most if not all Star Treks are about great efforts and trade-offs to keep it.

Lancer, grungy, sunglasses, casualI remember a TOS episode (A Private Little War) where the hill people who have only spears and bows, are defending themselves against those with flint-lock guns. And McCoy is pushing Jim to arm the hill people so they can fight back, and Jim wouldn’t do it because of the Prime Directive.  But NuKirk is always in trouble with Star Fleet.

Christopher face shot<Laughs> In fact, regarding point 8, the first thing that happens in the movie is that Kirk’s kicked out of Star Fleet.

Lancer, grungy, sunglasses, casualRegarding point 10, I guess they didn’t use science to solve a problem. It was all about action and maneuvering.

Pike in gold looking extremely rightIt was contrived that Kirk saves the ship instead of Scotty.

grungy sunglasses casual2But it setup a nice role reversal with Spock.

pike black jacketAgreed! That was nice but contrived that Kirk has engineering ability. They train you in real Navy that the engineer gives up his life to save the ship. It would have been Scotty’s idea and duty to go into that chamber. As it was, Scotty had given up saving the Enterprise and it was Jim that came up with the idea of going into the chamber.

Lancer, grungy, sunglasses, casualIn light of that, better to have found another way to work in the role reversal. For example, Kirk could’ve stopped Scotty (as done in the movie), but the dialog was wrong and needed changing so it was Scotty’s idea. And the scene of Kirk kicking that cathode (core alignment mechanism), had him doing it in mostly the wrong direction.


Hal TrekNo matter what I or other Trekkies think the movies were a commercial success.

Trekkies thrown under busBut Abrams has thrown Trekkies under the bus to do it.

grungy sunglasses casual look updwardHey Fritz. That looks uncomfortable.

Christopher face shotIt’s a short term gain. Because he’s a weak story teller, his films will be forgotten unlike Star Trek #2, #4, #7, and #8.

grungy sunglasses casual face downBut his films are better than the TNG movies. I hardly remember them.

Pike in gold looking extremely rightWrong! Even the worst TNG movie, #10, had something great in it and that was Data sacrificing his life to save the Enterprise and Earth. JJ Abrams will never have a moment that’s as great as the greatest moment in the worst TNG movie.




Abrams well suited to Star Wars?

In spring 2013, at another meetup in an English bar in China…

grungy sunglasses casual face down I hear Abrams got the job of directing Star Wars.

Hal TrekTrekkies thrown under bus Both: You didn’t know that?!

ChrisPike_head shot blackJJ Abrams working on Star Wars is the best thing to happen to the Star Trek franchise!

grungy sunglasses casual look updwardI’ve got bad news for you. Paramount has chosen to keep going in the science fiction thriller direction with Trek. Star Trek Beyond (trailer) is being produced by Abrams and directed by Fast and Furious director Justin Lin.

Admiral Christopher goldAbrams style totally suits Star Wars. He might even fix the franchise. My argument will always be that Star Trek is completely different from Star Wars and that letting Abrams get his hands on Star Trek was always going to be a disaster!

grungy sunglasses casual2But Disney…  I can’t believe Lucas Films sold to them.  What’s that going to do to Star Wars?

Christopher_Pike,_2258I think it’ll be better because Disney will get the best people to make the film, where Lucas was too nepotistic.

grungy sunglasses casual face downWell, OK. Abrams will get people who can act and hopefully writers who can make a script with great dialog.

Admiral Christopher goldStar Wars isn’t character driven so the actors are kinda stuck. There’s never a serious explanation as to why they’re acting this way.

Lancer, grungy, sunglasses, casualHence we get to the term “Space Opera.” As in Opera where acting isn’t primary but instead music and high drama play a major part in communicating story. Operatic stories need to be simpler than say a play or a “regular” movie. Star Wars derives emotion from what’s happening around them rather than coming from inside the individual. The stories come from top down “big picture” situations and how that impacts the individuals. To make this story telling work, it heavily leans on archetypes acting in the face of black and white situations like good versus evil. And to drive it along, pre-destiny, established by some off-screen agent plays a big part and overcomes individual choice.  Instead of oracles, priests, and Gods fortelling (Illiad and the Odyssey), the language is “the Force,” the dark side, and visions. Luke Skywalker had little chance to avoid his destiny any more than Odysseus, Achilles, etc. So the actors hit the stage, queue symphony, and viewers and actors just accept these preconditions and the curtain raises.

Hal TrekJJ Abrams will be ideal. His lack of science in his Star Trek work will fit in with all the “banking spaceships” Star Wars nonsense.

Trekkies thrown under busYeah, well I think sparkles shooting out of peoples mouths would be cool but I don’t want to see it in my science fiction.

ChrisPike_head shot blackEven Lucas doesn’t think Star Wars is science fiction. In the summer of 1977, 2 months into the huge success of Star Wars, he said that Star Wars isn’t science fiction, but is science fantasy.



fritz under a busI’m worried about Star Wars. Maybe next year there’ll be jedi and clones thrown under this bus. Or maybe it’ll probably work out. I’m excited to see what happens!

OK, here’s a poll to see what the rest of the world thinks.

See everyone at The Force Awakens.

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Comment from Steve
Time December 16, 2015 at 08:00

McCoy was not pushing Kirk to arm the people in A Private Little War. It was the other way around. McCoy found the idea of unending bloodshed abhorrent.

Comment from Neville Ross
Time December 16, 2015 at 12:53

This article is full of it, and is just an excuse to bash the new movie simply because it didn’t adhere to some bullshit ‘purity test’ administered by some holier than thou foundamentalist Star Trek fans. These people want the franchise to die, and if it stays in the same self-reverential (and self-referential) loop, it WILL die. But, I guess that that’s par for the course with most of the fandom.

Comment from Lancer Kind
Time December 17, 2015 at 01:31

@Steve Yes McCoy abhorred violence and when the people with guns couldn’t be reasoned with and were determined to slaughter the Hill People, a nice role reversal happened where McCoy was yelling at Jim that those people would be wiped out if the Federation didn’t step in or at least give them weapons and Jim was telling McCoy he wouldn’t let them violate the prime directive.

Comment from Lancer Kind
Time December 17, 2015 at 01:44

@Neville No one here has bashed the movie, meaning called it names or make false claims. Everything here has been backed up with demonstratable claims. Also, i said I enjoyed it! But I see the reasons why Trek is different than Star Wars are going away due to the “de-sciencing” of Trek. You see, some of the purity test such as “using science and real (though speculative) physics is what makes science fiction what is (versus Fast and Furious and Transporter, which are nice I’m a different way but in reality is maybe 20-40% physically impossible). Most of these things happen because of laziness and “cool looking” trumping “what’s possible.” In good fiction the production company struggles to make a story “cool looking” AND possible.

The other points literally happened in most Trek episodes and were present in the best critically acclaimed episodes. So breaking from the past too much, you might as well make a mew movie and call it something else, like maybe Star Wars or Star Trek the Fast and Furious.

Comment from LancerKind
Time December 17, 2015 at 08:21

Will JJ Abrams good/bad for Trek, be a better fit for Star Wars?

Comment from Marcus
Time December 18, 2015 at 06:49

Yikes, the formatting for this piece was pretty painful. Needs someline like a what a news designer does for newspapers.

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